Ben Kane

Entrepreneur, photographer, designer, producer, creative director, digital media expert, marketing and social media buff, web dev and computer guru, cinematographer, and general manager, industrial designer, and customer service fanatic.

oneOeight Kickstarter Video

The flagship video for the oneOeight Kickstarter campaign, this contains scripted and planned elements as well as collected elements from previous productions. This video and the accompanying photographic elements were key to helping to raise over $430,000 (on a $108,000 target) for this project .

oneOeight Kickstarter Trailer

The companion 15-second version of the oneOeight Kickstarter campaign video. Created for use on Instagram, this video was designed to grab attention, get people to listen, and inspire them to watch the full video. This was published on numerous social media accounts and reached millions of people.

Yoga Girl in New York - YouTube Vlog

Throughout the spring of 2014 I traveled with Rachel Brathen on her book release tour of the U.S. documenting the journey through video and photos. One of the elements I produced from this was a series of vlogs for her YouTube channel. These were shot, edited, and delivered within a few days each. New York was the first one, and set the tone for the series.

Yoga Girl on the West Coast - YouTube Vlog

A vlog type video covering a few days of Rachel Brathen’s book tour in California. This was shot on the run and edited in hotel rooms for timely inclusion on Rachel’s YouTube channel. I was responsible for all of the filming, audio, equipment, editing, and publishing.

Yoga Girl Treasure Hunt - Special YouTube Vlog

A special vlog created for the “Yoga Girl Treasure Hunt”. Rachel Brathen was an early adopter of SnapChat’s “My Story” feature and in early 2014 already had a very sizeable following. While in New York we used that platform to give away copies of her book to her followers in a unique way. This interesting vlog was shot and edited in one day, and features footage shot on DSLR, captures from Rachel’s SnapChat feed, and images from Instagram.

Wine and Yoga - Special YouTube Vlog

While on the book tour, we experimented with producing shorter videos and releasing them more quickly. This was a glimpse of 24 hours in Napa. This was shot, edited, and published on the go.

On Stage Dance Studio Promo Video

A promotional video for On Stage Dance Studio. This was extremely well received by the client (and target audience) and was re-positioned as the centerpiece of their website. The intention of the video was to demonstrate the unique atmosphere of the studio and show how dance lessons there are a great choice for parents. The video emphasized kids having fun and loving dance, passionate teachers, and happy parents.

On Stage Dance Studio Teacher Bios

After the success of the promotional video for On Stage Dance Studio, I was asked to return to create short introduction videos for each of their teachers. These were designed to be used on social media as well as on the studio’s faculty page on their website. The goal was to give parents a feel for the personality of the teachers, a sense of their passion, and an idea of what it’s like to be in their classes.

oneOeight Yoga - 10 Minute Core Boost

This is an example of one of the instructional videos I produced, shot, and edited for the oneOeight platform. I completed over 1,100 such videos (and their trailers) in the first year of business, under extreme budgetary and time restrictions. We filmed over 20 teachers in various locations around the world including Aruba, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Stockholm. Strong emphasis was placed on the quality of the instruction and the video’s ability to present the lessons clearly and effectively.

oneOeight Yoga - 10 Minute Core Boost Trailer

Each finished instructional video for oneOeight had an accompanying 15 second trailer optimized for use on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The trailers were designed to be attention-grabbing and dynamic, prompting viewers to view the full video.
Instagram Photos
I have created hundreds of social media-ready photos used by @yoga_girl and dozens of other leading yoga teachers around the world. Some were part of creative shoots, others were photojournalistic, and all were delivered quickly for regular social media updates. Click below for a sample gallery of some (500+) of my favorites.

I have also provided photographic content for high end residential and landscape lighting projects, in-studio headshots for corporate/online use, as well as food and ambiance photos for several top restaurants and online cooking shows.

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